Designing a Unisex Nursery

Preparing for a newborn is a chaotic but fun experience. Extreme care is put into making a safe and enriching environment. Not knowing the gender of your baby is exciting but makes this an extra interesting experience. People may question how you will adequately design a nursery for an unknown gender. Have no worries, there is far more to baby design than pink and blue.
Colours are usually the first thing on someone’s mind when designing a room. You don’t have to entirely cut out pink and blue colours; just use them as accents. Stick predominately with greens, yellows, browns and creams. Don’t be afraid to design with a splash of more gender-specific colours like purple.

Nature Themes work well with these colours. Prints with trees, leaves, and wildlife are popular with everyone. Not only that, but elements of this room will be able to be used later on. Nature themes can belong in any room. You may be able to do this with wildlife prints, depending on how cartoon-ish it looks. It’s also a more realistic colour scheme than overdoing the nursery in one vibrant colour. Animal prints are super easy to find and usually come on unisex colours.

Nursery Rhyme Themes are adorable, but a bit more challenging to accomplish. Nursery rhymes may seem girly, but not at such a young age. Consider stories like Humpty Dumpty or Hansel amp; Gretel. Baby blankets frequently come with nursery rhyme prints. My baby blanket was a patchwork of all the famous nursery rhyme characters, light green and white, and I loved it. You could even frame blown-up pages from the stories.

Bookshelves will come in handy in a nursery. Even though your infant can’t read, they will soon enjoy being read to. This is a great way to introduce reading. Babies will let you know what book they want to read. My niece grabbed at Dr. Suess’s ABC book nearly everyday. My sister, years later, has most of it memorized still. Stock the shelves with books for the parents to read as well as the hard page books for your infant to browse on their own.

Toys should also be gender neutral. Many parents, even upon discovering baby gender, prefer gender neutral toys. This will allow your infant to avoid imposing gender roles for at least the first years of their life. Stick with shapes, animals, and characters at first. This shouldn’t be difficult. Babies love stuffed animals and anything that lights up. Designing a unisex nursery is easier than most people think. If you think something definitely looks boy or girl, don’t buy it.